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Thank you so much for your interest in Instant Films. We are an invite only 48 hour film competition that has been making movies in 48 hours since 2002. If you want to learn more about the process or our background, check out our “About Us” section. Currently we are looking for talented Actors, Writers, Directors and Crew Members for our event:




This is NOT for folks who have never made a movie before. Making a film in two days ain’t easy. Instant Film participants are talented professionals who have directed, acted in or written major feature films or television shows.




It is, however, tremendously fun (usually) and we’d love to have you if you have what it takes. If you think you want to do it please read the following FAQ carefully and then follow the application process.




What is it? 

Instant Films are movies made in 48 hours. On the first evening writers write short film scripts based on random words pulled out of a hat. The following morning directors pull scripts and cast members out of a hat and then must complete their film by the following evening at 7pm where it is screened in front of a live audience at LA Center Studios.


When is it? 

Instant Film Festivals take place over a weekend. Writers write friday night. Actors must be available all day Saturday and Directors usually don’t get much sleep all weekend.


Where do I sign up? 

You can sign up online at the bottom of this page.


When will I know if I am going to do it? 

Many hundreds of people have signed up already and we don’t have time to contact everyone. If we want more information or a reel from you we will be in touch. We will let participants know as soon as possible.


How many people are involved at each festival? 

Numbers vary from festival to festival but traditionally it is 8 writers, 8 directors and 24 actors.


Should I call to follow up? 

No. Absolutely not. We expect hundreds of submissions and we are very busy so DON’T CALL US, WE’LL CALL YOU (but in a nice way).


What is Instant Films looking for? 

Talented actors who can play many different roles.  Writers who can write well and tell a story in a very short period of time.  Directors who know how to direct a story and can work (and have fun) under a time deadline.


Where does this take place? 

All meetings and the screening takes place at LA Center Studios.


Where are Instant Films shot? 

Instant Films are shot all over Los Angeles depending on the script directors, cast members and crew come up with location options.


What is the budget?

What budget?


What if I want to do something other than act, write or direct? 

We are always happy to hear from people who want to crew, compose, do motion graphics, volunteer at the live event or anything else. Please go ahead and answer the questions above and let us know what you want to do. You can send emails expressing your interest to


Is there any fee or cost to apply or to be part of the open? 

No. There is no cost or fee. But we do expect participants to invite everyone they know to the screening. They are a blast!


Is there anything you are looking for specifically? 

Only talent. One way we determine that is to look at your resume. Professional credits are very helpful. It helps if someone who has done Instant Films before can recommend you and it also helps if you have been to an Instant Films but we are open to everyone.



No Events Currently Scheduled

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