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What is an Instant Film Festival?

“Here’s how an Instant Films weekend works. On Friday evening, eight writers make three random draws: a noun, an adjective and specifications for the number of men and women to be the cast. Twelve hours later, they have to present a finished script. Directors then make their own random draws from the available scripts and actors. These teams then turn in a finished seven­ to nine­ minute film, all edited and complete with music and titles and everything ready for public screening at 7 p.m. Sunday at LA Center Studios.”  — Hollywood Reporter


What are Instant Films screenings like?

“The 400 seat theater at Los Angeles Center Studios was buzzing with anticipation. It was like an opening night screening of the latest installment of “Star Wars” – minus the guys dressed up as wookies and waving light sabers.”  —Los Angeles Times

What are Instant Films like?

“All of this frenetic activity yields hilarious and surreal shorts of astonishing quality and coherence, not to mention a boost for local coffee sales.” —




450 S. Bixel, Los Angeles, CA, 90017 – MAP IT!


Los Angeles Center Studios is a full-service studio for TV, film, and commercial production – a honeycomb of entertainment interests working collectively from a 20-acre studio campus – providing a supportive, synergistic environment for the growing independent elements of the entertainment business. Los Angeles Center Studios serves the creative industry with Class A and production offices, six 18,000 square foot audience rated state-of-the-art sound stages, as well as full-service amenities, and is widely considered Los Angeles’ premier independent movie studio.  Productions that have shot at LA Center Studios include: Mad Men, Alias, Anchorman, The Aviator, Californication, Dream Girls, Fight Club, Get Smart, Grandma’s Boy, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Terminator 3, The Voice, Weeds, among hundreds of others.


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